Saturday Champagne

SATURDAY CHAMPAGNE is a monoline modern calligraphy script.

SATURDAY CHAMPAGNE is a monoline modern calligraphy script. Perfect for titles, headings and logotypes for blogs, ads, quote prints, home decor, book title, invitation, birthday, custom product, lifestyle imagery (like quotes and stuff).

This font is written by the amazing hand letterer and fellow artist of mine, Leah Chong, and is a collaboration project.

The character set contains Western and Eastern European accents and extra characters, symbols and the following open type features :

Ligatures: ff ll oo rr th tt ty Finals: b c d l g p y z

Thank you I hope you like this font & good luck with your project!


Instagram: @leahdesign @rolandhusedesign

Awesome background image for main poster by Simon Buchou from Unsplash

Background mock ups for Girls Night Out and White Sea Cosmetics are from

The Quote "Reality aligns with your mindset" is my favorite and is from Matt Lopez from the Lambo Goal podcast, picture is taken and photoshopped by me.

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