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    • Features are coverd by WDT Woocommerce Delivery Date Time
    • You can set cost and discount by day wise during Event Bookings such as Monday discout : $5, Tuesday discout : $7.....it is optional feature.
    • Manage delivery times per Weekday
    • Manage a start / end date
    • Manage Exclude holidays / off days
    • Manage Custom notifications for all types
    • Set Custom Date & Time Format
    • Manage opening hours per day with 2 time frames
    • Remove/Add checkout fields & disable mandatory
    • Show delivery options only on specific shipping methods
    • Manage enable or disable delivery dates on weekdays
    • You can Create today and next day delivery fees
    • Manage enable or disable delivery on specific weekdays
    • you cab Only deliver within a specific radius (km or miles)
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    WooCommerce Delivery Date Time Plugin

    Ramlal Solanki


    VAT Included (where applicable)


    Ramlal Solanki

    Dewas, India

    Wordpess Plugins