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    Super Mario Odyssey

    Figure 3d for printing, from the character from the video game Mario Bross Odyssey. In this figure Mario appears, riding on his ship, dressed in his aviator costume.
    Super Mario Odyssey


    Pablo Botia 3D Artist

    Murcia, Spain

    Hi everyone!! I am passionate about 3D modeling and digital sculpture. I have worked as a 3d modeler, both organic and inorganic for 5 years. I can make a 3D model for 3d printing of any object or character, from a photo or an idea.I work with modeling programs like Zbrush and others like maya, 3dsmax. I also make realistic renderings with programs like Keyshot and finally I also use photoshop to mount the final presentation of the model. I can help you with: - Character designe (3dmodeling high poly/low-poly) - Digital sculture - Texturing, lighting, Uv mapping - Rendering

    Figure articulated in 3 parts:
    - Ship

    The piece measures 171x160x134mm, and the mario figure has a height of 53mm.

    The file is available in obj and stl format, ready for printing.

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