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    Daisy Meadow Patch

    This is Daisy Meadow Patch, perfect for realistic, natural scenes.
    Proveedor: Kamil Burniak
    Daisy Meadow Patch
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    Kamil Burniak

    London, United Kingdom

    I'm freelance 3D artist based in London. Available to work globally.In my career I've been fortunate to work with the most talented directors, producers, manufacturers and individuals. I love creating photo-realistic stuff that makes viewers believe they look at actual photos or live action videos.My skills allow me to join teams remotely or on-location. Also I'm able to take projects from initial concept to the final result on my own.

    Hi all,

    This is PBR daisy meadow patch created in Blender in real world scale (100cm x 100cm). 

    The product has 939739 polygons.

    It includes 5 different models:

    soil (3D scanned)




    dry oak leaves

    It comes in following formats:




    The blender file has the shaders set up, so it's ready to render using Cycles. The title image is not included.

    Each model comes with set of 4K .png maps:

    base color





    ambient occlusion

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