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    The $26 billion dollar company and their $15.00 logo

    12 Jul 2019

    In 2006 a British graphics designer named Simon Oxley created the original (though noticeably different than we know today) twitter logo. This world recognized original illustration by Oxley was listed at the time on the infamous stock photography online store iStock for $15.


    Oxley among many other digital designers/creators put his creations online for the world to see, admire, and purchase.

    Last year more than 80% of the online population used the internet to purchase services, goods, and digital creations of all sorts. That is 8 in 10 people with internet access had made an online transaction for something they wanted or needed. Amazon has books, eBay antiques, Etsy crafts, Zalando clothes, Alibaba (lots of stuff) and many more niche eCommerce sites.

    Introducing eirify.

    eirify logo

    We’re in beta but we know exactly what we want to do and where we want to go and we are working hard to get there. Were not at all about logos. We see so much more. We want to take individuals or organizations and their digital goods of all kinds and bring them to the forefront of the digital eCommerce world on their own personal stores.

    Think of eirify as the digital Etsy. Think of the creator as a basket weaver from Scotland, a Wood carver from Montanna, or a Jewelry designer from Sydney. Think of the consumer as maybe a finance start-up who loves numbers and spread-sheets but know nothing about how to create catchy marketing videos, modern email or website template designs, or that cute bird logo the founder has in his head. eirify simply puts creator and consumer together and allows that customer to search for exactly what they have on their mind.

    Though Twitter eventually had to deviate from Oxley’s original design because iStock do not permit companies to use images as official logos it still tells that core store of connecting creator and consumer.

    We’re still in our early stages. We have lots done but a long way to go and it doesn't even start with logos. Thats already been done. We are digging deeper into quality digital content.

    Interested in learning more?

    Follow our company news for more on what we are doing at eirify as we progress, or check in on our blog regularly as we share more exciting use cases and showcase new eirify creators and their work.

    Heck, think you might want to get involved with eirify? Shoot us a mail, we would love to hear from you.

    Craftsmen have etsy, digital creators have us.