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    The performance is penalized on mobile by several factors, firstly the resolution of the screen, in virtual reality, the use of cameras to represent each eye is expensive, the amount of instructions, the number of passes and the textures used.

    It is a set of shaders designed to be as friendly as possible with low-resource mobile devices.

    Each effect was designed in using only single pass, it was thought using a single camera instantiating the view, modifying the UV coordinates to obtain the stereoscopic effect and finally using the least amount of textures and the least amount of instructions but keeping the same functionality.


    • Easy to use
    • Ease of creating new effects using existing functions.
    • Ease of combining existing shaders.
    • Compatible with Multipass, Single Pass & Single Pass (Instaned).
    • Support OpenGL ES2.0 onwards.
    • Compatible with most devices.


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    Mobile Friendly Image FX

    Darkcom Dev

    1 488,87 ₽

    VAT Included (where applicable)


    Darkcom Dev

    Peñol, Colombia

    My job is to facilitate the development for game creators with my products. I focus on assets for mobile devices and virtual reality for unity, I develop both 3D scenario models and code solutions always focused on performance.