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    Darkcom Dev

    My job is to facilitate the development for game creators with my products. I focus on assets for mobile devices and virtual reality for unity, I develop both 3D scenario models and code solutions always focused on performance.

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    Peñol, Colombia

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    It is a dynamic occlusion system focused on objects that are moving, friendly with unity static occlusion system, fully automated, low memory consumption and high performance. skip configurations tedious and long waits when baking Dynamic LOD: using only one component you can control multiple objects, you can set 3 LODs directly from your project, allowing cleaner and less memory consumption scenes.
    1 488,87 ₽
    Group of trees and shrubs, in total 68 objects of which 27 are shrubs Trees of common English flora, which are found in the majority of video games by cultural influence.
    2 233,31 ₽
    Card Image
    Aliquam is a Professionally recorded background audio for typical game environmentsperfect for open world games and RPG map

    comes with a collection of 74 sounds in wav format without compression, which will serve for all kinds of environment.

    744,44 ₽
    Group of trees and shrubs, in total 231 objects of which there are shrubs and Trees of common flora for different biomas, which are found in the majority of video games by cultural influence. has 4 textures bark diffusse, bark-normal, branches and branch normal. It has paint of vertices for the effect of wind. ready for games and fully optimized. optimized for mobile devices and vr. ready for unity 3D and blender game engine total textures = 4 total materials = 2 total objects = 231 total vertices = 158740 total faces = 115683 total triangles = 163581 average vertices = 687 average faces = 501 average triangles = 708 4 textures 512x8 = 4096 2 materials. .blend = 5220KB BranchAtlas.psd = 326104KB ==>. png = 42584KB 4096x4096px BarkAtlas.psd diffuse + normal = 462507KB ==>.png = 37266KB 4096x4096px
    2 977,74 ₽
    Picture of Mobile Friendly Image FX
    It is a set of shaders designed to be as friendly as possible with low-resource mobile devices, VR mobile and any device with shader level 2.0 or upper
    1 488,87 ₽
    202 objects in between trees and shrubs that can be affected by wind forces, contain: Trees, shrubs, fungus, desert plants, forest plants, aquatic plants, tropical plants, butterfly and leaves particles, roots and dead trunks, designed for the development of mobile and low-resource games.
    1 116,65 ₽
    Cover Image
    Prefs Utilities is a group of classes focused on increasing the functionality of the class EditorPrefs and PlayerPrefs in unity. Increasing the types of data available, encrypting and managing them.
    0,00 ₽
    Cover Image
    Tellus is a procedural terrain generator based on Perlin noise, creating various terrains as a grid separating them into 1, 2x2, 3x3, 4x4 8x8 seam up perfectly, each one a square size.
    1 488,87 ₽
    Dynamic weather system, day and night cycle and calendar, mobile friendly.
    2 977,00 ₽