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    Bild von Welcome To Shaghai
    Traditional orchestral Chinese music background.
    Welcome To Shaghai

    Jon J. Morin Music logo graphic
    A happy, feel-good reggae song featuring ukulele.
    Happy Ukulele Reggae

    Jon J. Morin Music logo graphic
    A playful, fun seamless loop featuring kalimba and percussion instruments. Has a world, jungle type feel.
    Casual Kids Game Loop

    Bild von Cinematic Comedy Jazz Folk
    Cinematic Comedy Jazz – playful, Jazz/Folk track, recorded with live clarinet, accordion, acoustic guitar, upright bass and drums.
    Cinematic Comedy Jazz Folk

    Bild von Latin Guitar Dance
    A Latin tune played by two Spanish guitars, steelstring guitars, acoustic bass, flute and percussion, in a medium tempo. Happy, smooth song, creating a relaxed, feel good mood.
    Latin Guitar Dance

    Bild von Latin Summer
    Relaxed, slightly dreamy but uptempo tune, with Spanish lead and rhythm guitars, Latin percussion and acoustic bass as rhythm section. Has a slightly Brazilian feel to it.
    Latin Summer

    Bild von Bossa Nova Guitars
    A latin tune played by two Spanish guitars, piano, acoustic bass and percussion, with a bossa nova rhythm. Peaceful, smooth song, creating a relaxed, perhaps slightly romantic atmosphere.
    Bossa Nova Guitars

    Bild von Chasing The Sun
    Very cheerful, upbeat mediterranean/latin tune, featuring lead and rhythm spanish guitars, mandoline, percussion and bass.
    Chasing The Sun

    Bild von Caribbean Holiday
    Light and upbeat Latin tune, featuring Spanish guitars with percussion and electric bass. Makes you think of a nice, relaxed evening at a Caribbean beach.
    Caribbean Holiday

    Bild von Spanish Summer Dance
    An uptempo, light guitar tune, with Spanish melodies and harmonies, played by Spanish guitars, acoustic bass, trumpets and Latin percussion.
    Spanish Summer Dance