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    Open a store on Eirify

    02 Nov 2018

    So you are ready to open your Eirify store?

    It all begins by us getting to know you. With our vendor application form we want to know all about you and your content and how we can best set up your Eirify store and help you along the way. We don't decline applications without feedback. Our goal is not to decline anyone. If we have decided not to list your store straight away we want to work with you to figure out how we can both get their together.

    With Eirify our number one priority is to showcase you and your content to the best of our ability. Unlike other digital marketplaces we don't mind if you and your work is on other marketplaces, in fact we embrace it. There are no exclusivity limitations for listing your items only on your eirify store as well as other marketplaces. We won't just feature the high sellers on our homepage. Every creator will get the opportunity to feature their products.

    With new stores on eirify we have a strict review process. There are a number of reasons for this but mainly for two reasons.

    1. To ensure that your items are of the highest quality and so customers can shop with conform knowing that the content has been through a vetting process.

    2. We want you to get your content the most visibility. When under the review process we will note down some of the components that we think you could improve on.

    Each time you list an item it will also go through a review process. This is to protect you the owner and validate the content. Once we get to know you and your content more, your content review process will get shorter and shorter. For us it's all about building up a relationship with you and shortening down that review process for you. Any time you make a change to any existing item your product will have to go back through a minor review process to ensure the changes are valid. We will be notified of this and begin the review as soon as possible.

    75% commission on your sales. It's that simple. We offer better rates than other marketplaces, provide more features, and will always be improving what we provide and even promoting you as much as we can get you your sales. Payments are made quarterly or monthly during the year upon request once the total earnings at any payout period reaches above $100.

    We want to learn from you and we want you to improve eirify. The needs of one store may completely differ from the needs of another. A graphics designer store will generally be more visual than a store that sells financial data. We are always listening and will take your advice on improvements into our future development.

    Ready to get started? Begin bysubmitting an Eirify store application.

    Join our community forums so that you can get involved with other stores in the eirify community and interact with other creators to learn from them.

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