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    Swipe left to hire

    Whether we like it or not we live in a swipe left or right society.

    For some a photo on a resume is an immediate pass. For others it shows enthusiasm. For the recruiter is it even possible to make a valid judgement without prejudice? Well thats what swipe left and right is all about isnt it? We live in a more global connected world. But how have resumes or CV’s (curriculum vitaes) adapted along with everything else, and should you be apart of it. Resumes that look like social media handles are more and more common these days.

    We are all trying to contribute to a world where there is no bias in the hiring process no add to it. Conscious or unconscious bias its still a fact of judgement in not just in our dating preferences but also recruitment.

    How does this fair out globally?In Europe and Asia more than the U.S it is a lot more common (even expected) that a resume would include a photo. Whether we like it or not we are more culturally connected than we were ten years ago. In this world people don't even need to be sitting on the same continent as their employers HQ. With a strong internet connection people can work from anywhere.

    Take a step back. What generation are you a part of? Gen Z the swipe left generation?This tend is minor and completely depends on the industry. For designers, illustrators, and front end developers part of Gen Z this pretty reasonable and understood. So is this dismissal of the photo resume then not the complete opposite to one of the most global and popular recruitment sites in the world. LinkedIn. With linkedin an image is not just an option. Its assumed. If a recruiter came across a linkedin profile with a blank or stock generic photo then this would be an immediate pass. Photos on LinkedIn bring an element of personalization.

    The facts. Know your audience. There is a fine line between fancy formatting and a good design. Knowing your audience is the key. IBM corporate vs young funky 10 person agency. You have to even think about if this company is it even ATS friendly. ATS systems parse through a resume without a human even looking at it to begin with. You don't want to get left out because of automated screening. Yet you still want to stand out and send a positive signal to the right employer. So the advice would be to drop the formatting for the big four.

    Looks good. But is it useful? With visualized resumes the user is generally sacrificing the ability to provide a more robust list of accomplishments. Or are they? Well if you really are good at what you do with it then you should be able to fit in all the appropriate content without sarafice. This then not hampers your attempt but even showcases your ability.

    The employee has the power. After all in 2019 we live in an employer not employee driven economy. They are selling the position to you as much as you are selling yourself to them. A workplace where candidates get auto rejected because their resume is a different format or because of a linkedin picture is probably not a place one would want to work these days. Do current employees at the place where you are applying wear an ironed shirt, slacks, and black buffed shoes or a hoodie, trainers, and headphones around the neck. Ok. So maybe your not going to sit outside the building watching but generally this is something you could grasp from their online presence. Take that into consideration.

    A resume is advertising. A resume is marketing. A resume used to be a biography. Now it's a pitch.

    When was the last time anyone tried to sell you a product or service with a white sheet of paper and black ink?

    So how do i get on board and make one? So if you are a designer and talented with this sort of thing then we would love you to share what you have done before. If not Eirify has lots of creative resumes to offer and give you some inspiration. Check out some deisgns on Eirify.

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