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    Bild von 10 Underwater world sky box pack
    1 191,10 ₽
    Bild von Cosmonaut Female and Male
    PBR Low-poly models of male and female cosmonaut character.
    3 Color types for cosmonaut model + empty cosmonaut suit.
    2 679,97 ₽ 2 232,56 ₽
    Bild von Custom Sideskirts with Toolbox
    Includes Sideskirts for all RJL's Scanias including Tandem addon by Kast and also for Scania R & S 2016.
    446,66 ₽
    Bild von Dissolve Effect Pack For Unity 2020.1.6f1 HDRP or Higher
    These dissolve shaders were made in Unity 2020.1.6f1 HDRP Shader Graph. I have included numerous shaders and materials with different ways to dissolve your meshes. For each material, you have the choice to apply the shaders that have the Remap node or to apply the shaders that don't have the Remap node to script and animate the dissolve values.
    520,36 ₽
    Cover Image
    It is a dynamic occlusion system focused on objects that are moving, friendly with unity static occlusion system, fully automated, low memory consumption and high performance. skip configurations tedious and long waits when baking Dynamic LOD: using only one component you can control multiple objects, you can set 3 LODs directly from your project, allowing cleaner and less memory consumption scenes.
    1 488,87 ₽
    Group of trees and shrubs, in total 68 objects of which 27 are shrubs Trees of common English flora, which are found in the majority of video games by cultural influence.
    2 233,31 ₽
    Card Image
    Aliquam is a Professionally recorded background audio for typical game environmentsperfect for open world games and RPG map

    comes with a collection of 74 sounds in wav format without compression, which will serve for all kinds of environment.

    744,44 ₽
    Bild von eU Sci-fi Textures
    PBR Sci-fi textures
    372,22 ₽
    Bild von Fantasy Trophies Set 1
    A set of different fantasy trophies, includes PSD file for customisation.
    371,47 ₽
    Bild von Gems Pack Icons
    A pack of gems, diamonds, crystals, crystal balls, crystal eggs and crystal stones with different colours and styles. Includes PSD file for creating custom colours.
    379,66 ₽