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    Radio Nomad

    KEDR Audio
    Radio Nomad

    Shortwave soundscapes and distant radio transmissions
    Anbieter: KEDR Audio
    Radio Nomad


    KEDR Audio

    Moscow, Russian Federation

    KEDR Audio (means Cedar) was started in 2016 and since that time its constantly growing. KEDR's goal is to produce outstanding and affordable sound effects, ambiences, field recordings and music libraries. Having pro gear, such as DPA/Sennheiser mics and Sound Devices recorders, helps to achieve excellent sound quality of KEDR’s production

    This is an extended and re-mastered source part of more advanced Radiomorph library.

    Shortwave radio is a strange, noisy and constantly changing soundscape, but it can pick up lots of interesting things: whine, fading stations, atmospheric noises, heterodyne, voices in foreign languages from distant broadcasts.

    Time of day, location, weather, solar activity, ionosphere - all these things have huge impact to what receiver can pick up.

    This affordable library is a great way to add unique, squelchy, noisy, unpredictable LoFi sounds to your arsenal!

    Main features:

    - 75 sound effects made from eurorack shortwave radio receiver module

    - 96khz/24bit quality

    - Perfect source of dark, gritty and noisy radio textures for SFX production

    - Universal Catalog System (UCS) compliant

    - Contains BWF metadata for search engines

    Equipment used: Evaton RF Nomad eurorack module, Sound Devices MixPre 6

    Files: 75

    Overall time: 78  min / 1 hr 18 min

    Audio File Type WAV
    Audio Sample Rate 96 kHz
    Audio Bit Rate 24 Bit
    Download Size 2,53 Gb
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