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    Native American Girl

    Figure of a native American woman
    Native American Girl


    Pablo Botia 3D Artist

    Murcia, Spain

    Hi everyone!! I am passionate about 3D modeling and digital sculpture. I have worked as a 3d modeler, both organic and inorganic for 5 years. I can make a 3D model for 3d printing of any object or character, from a photo or an idea.I work with modeling programs like Zbrush and others like maya, 3dsmax. I also make realistic renderings with programs like Keyshot and finally I also use photoshop to mount the final presentation of the model. I can help you with: - Character designe (3dmodeling high poly/low-poly) - Digital sculture - Texturing, lighting, Uv mapping - Rendering

    Figure articulated in 11 parts:
    - Head: 42x63x47mm
    - Upperbody: 27x37x25mm
    - RightArm: 31x48x106mm
    - LeftArm: 20x45x28mm
    - Arrows: 29x45x33mm
    - lowerbody: 39x35x24mm
    - Upperleftleg: 27x48x29mm
    -Lowerleftleg: 23x44x21mm
    - Upperrightleg:16x38x17mm
    - Lowerrightleg: 11x45x23mm
    - Base:150x76x97mm

    The total size of the figure, once assembled all the pieces is 150x215x115mm. The file is available in stl format, ready for printing.

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