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    Horror Music

    Build fear, suspense and excitement with a modern and professional soundtrack.
    Anbieter: T.C Edwards
    Horror Music
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    T.C Edwards

    High Beech, United Kingdom

    I work as a media composer writing music mainly for audiobooks and video-games. Following a very unconventional musical education which included busking on electric guitar and studying classical piano with world class pianists, I have developed a broad style. I am always happy to work on extra projects so if you can't find the music you need, you can email me a request.

    The package features 19 original horror tracks and 6 short jump scares. 

    Featuring the latest contemporary techniques, this package is designed to push the boundaries of horror soundtracks into new, darker territory.  To create unique effects, I have utilized binaural panning allowing many of the tracks to sound 3D.  I have also spent time manipulating sounds such as birdsong and water to insert an otherworldly aspect in my music.

    Included are pieces to fit a variety of moods and settings including intense chase sequences, haunted houses, rotting, misery and many more.  All files are Wav to ensure good sound quality.  


    Track listing:

    Longer Pieces:

    In Flames (2:43)

    Cold Touch (1:12)

    Long Build Up and Jump Scare (1:12)

    Rotting (1:36)

    Miserable Piano (1:28)

    Inside the House (1:22)

    Running Through the Woods (1:20)

    Spooky Piano (1:28)


    Shorter Pieces:

    Ghost Story (0:55)

    The Uttermost Dread (0:56)

    Nice Tune that Turns Ugly (0:38)

    A Colossal Monument (0:46)

    Music Box (0:34)


    Chase Sequences

    Intense Chase (0:36)

    Less Intense Chase (0:36)

    Intense Chase 2 (0:50)



    Down the Drain (1:06)

    Waiting (4:08)

    Mirrors (1:02)


    For any additional info relating to this product or requests for music specific to your project please contact me through my email - or though my website -


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