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    Gun SFX Pack

    J-BoB Sound Studio
    Gun SFX Pack

    107 high-quality sound effects in this Gun SFX Pack
    Anbieter: J-BoB Sound Studio
    Gun SFX Pack
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    J-BoB Sound Studio

    Deogyang-gu, Goyang-si, Korea, Democratic People's Republic of

    J.BoB Sound Studio is run by a professional sound designer.
    Energize your games and movie experiences with Sounds and FX audio asset libraries from J.BoB Sound Studio.
    If you require custom work please contact me via email in the box on the bottom right of this screen.
    I’m available for freelance work and would love to discuss how I can be of assistance for your projects.

    Gun SFX Sound Pack!

    Listen to the Gun SFX Pack preview here ♫

    Check the sound list!


    JBoB Sound Studio presents 107 high-quality sound effects in this Gun SFX Pack


    Includes sounds such as

    - Assault Rifle Shot, Revolver Shot, Rifle Shot, ShotGun Shot, Snipe Rifle Shot, Ricochet, Gun Foley

    - Bullet Hit Damage (Body, Bone, Head, Metal, Iron, Glass)


    Upgrade your game quality with just one sound set A++

    Take your game experience to the next level with JBoB Sound Studio sound packs!

    Buy it now.

    Feedback? Leave your comment via email so that we can provide you with FREE updates in the future! 

    Please contact us if you need your sound.

    Email me!

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