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    Expedition: Low Poly Jungle

    A pack of jungle inspired low poly unity assets.
    Anbieter: Distant Lands
    Expedition: Low Poly Jungle
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    Distant Lands

    Mansfield, United States

    We are a small indie studio that specializes in low poly, stylized and isometric modeling. We have a passion to equip game developers with the tools they need to make beautiful, yet still historically accurate games.

    A large pack of jungle themed assets for use in your next Unity project. Includes trees, foliage, ruins, particles, tools and more. Useful for prototyping, mobile, LOD or stylized games.

    Modular sections fit together on the Unity grid easily.

    150+ unique assets including:
    - Modular ruins
    - River and waterfall parts
    - Handheld tools and gear
    - Vines and bushes
    - Faceted trees of varied sizes
    - Stylized terrain meshes
    - Modular pathways
    - 3D background mountains

    Camp assets:
    - Two kayaks and two rafts with oar variants
    - Campfire assets
    - Tents
    - Cans and wooden storage box

    Character accessories:
    - Beanies, life vest, and backpack
    - Shovel, knife, walking stick, axe, fishing rod, hammers, and oars
    - Flashlight (with batteries), walkie-talkie, bug spray, emergency flare, tape, water bottle and more
    - Cooking utensils and bottles

    Includes 2 demo scenes showing both modular temples and overgrown environments.

    All screenshots taken in HDRP

    Low poly character is the Low Man Avatar from Unity VR Sample Scenes.

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