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    eU Sci-fi Textures

    PBR Sci-fi textures
    Anbieter: Yves Allaire
    eU Sci-fi Textures
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    Yves Allaire

    St-Eustache, Canada

    Yves Allaire is a professional texture artist, he has been working on AAA titles for over 20 years. He has worked on such titles as Splinter Cell, Far Cry and RainbowSix.

    This set contains 26 textures, many textures are created with multiple combined textures like trims and panels that can be mapped separately to give you a total of 52 individual textures.
    All PBR textures are 2048x2048 in size and have Diffuse, Normalmap, Height and Roughness maps. One material has an additional emission map.

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