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    Eirify Ltd. Announces the launch of its Creative Digital Marketplace

    21 Jul 2019

    Eoin Butler

    Eirify Ltd.

    Eirify Ltd. Announces the launch of its Creative Digital Marketplace

    Eirify Ltd is excited to announce its beta platform is ready to begin empowering creators and their digital assets on their very own personalized stores. Eirify is the digital assets equivalent of Etsy, combined with the personalization and eCommerce power of Shopify.

    Dublin, Ireland. July 21th 2019: Today Eirify Ltd, announced the soft launch of its exciting creative digital marketplace. After a year of research, building, and testing, the free tier AWS stage is over and its servers have now been kicked into full gear. To mark the occasion Eirify is offering its first select amount of creators who sign up and create their own store three months of completely commission free trading on their products.

    To understand the power of Eirify, imagine an Etsy store built solely for digital creator: a creator who sells awesome stock audio rather than clay pots or thrilling GoPro footage rather than knitted socks. Eirify allows developers, data gurus, photographers, musicians, designers, among some, to sell their digital content online through their very own store. We make the process simple by combining the ease of use of a platform like Etsy with the personalization and eCommerce power of Shopify.

    How does Eirify stand out from other digital marketplaces?

    • Showcase. We dont showcase the products but just as importantly the creator themselves. This builds the personal relationship between product and the customer.

    • Commision. A flat 75% Commision on sales.

    • Zero exclusivity limitations. Eirify does not penalize for listing your items for sale on other marketplaces. In fact it embraces it. The more exposure the creator gets the better.

    • Trust review process. The more we get to know the creators the shorter the product review time gets. We review solely to protect you and your work.

    • Communal problem solving. The creator tell us what it and isn't working as best as it could be for them. Eirify adapts to enhance on it.

    • Featured Stores. All stores get a chance to be featured on the homepage (not just the high sellers), socially via Eirify social networks, and email newsletter features.

    Of the companies initial product launch, Eirify Ltd CEO Eoin Butler said, “Showcasing Eirify’s marketplace to the global audience is an exciting time and is where our real market research can truly begin. Building real relationships with content creators, learning from them and extending on our current platform to provide an experience that empowers them is our next biggest step”.

    For more information on Eirify, visit

    About Eirify Ltd.: Eirify Ltd. is a creative digital marketplace based in Dublin, Ireland. Founded in 2019, Eirify provides an eCommerce platform which is the best home to a wide variety of specialized stores created by individuals and companies to showcase and share their unique products.